Mineral Exploration

Mineral exploration drilling allows people to determine the material composition at different levels underground. It is predominantly used by mining companies to discover mineral-rich sites and ore deposits.

During the drilling process, a Geologist will take samples of the soil to analyse and determine whether there are any valuable minerals along the drilling line. Tim has many years of experience doing exploration drilling in Victoria, NSW and WA for large multi-national companies.

The techniques Tweed Valley Water Bores use are:

  •        Conventional Rotary Air/Mud Drilling.
  •        Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling.

If you would like an excellent mineral exploration driller, please contact us so Tim can discuss this further with you

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How should I lodge my application?

To apply for a bore, head to www.waternsw.com.au and click on the appropriate form to fill under applications.

How do I apply for a drilling permit?

If in NSW, you can apply via the following link for a stock and domestic bore Water Bore Permit NSW

Once you have been sent your approval, please forward it to our team prior to the day of drilling. Once the drilling has been completed we will send you the completed form to send back to Water NSW.

In QLD you do not need a permit, however, it is recommended you contact your water authorities to check.

How do I know where to drill?

Once your quote has been accepted, leave it up to the team at Tweed Valley Motor Bores to find the perfect location to drill. With over 15 years of experience, we can pick the best location for you.

Alternatively, you can choose to get a diviner, and our team will drill where is recommended.

How much does it cost to drill a bore?

The cost of a bore depends on a few different factors:

  • Depth drilled
  • Type of drilling required such as Air or Mud Drilling
  • Casing used e.g. PVC or steel
  • Amount of grout/cementing needed

If you’d like to get an estimate for your bore, please email us with your name, address and contact details. If you are happy to proceed, click confirm on the estimate and we will contact you once we know when to schedule you in.

What is the process for getting a bore drilled?

Once you have confirmed our schedule and rates, we can organise an approximate time frame to start your bore.

Please ensure we can get clear access to the site you want drilled, the truck is 25 tonne and the mast is high once it’s set up to drill.

The process: For a domestic bore we start the hole with a 10inch bit to get to firm ground and then slip a piece of 200mm diameter pipe in to stabilise the top of the hole. After this, we hammer to create a 195mm diameter hole into the rock to the total depth. Lastly, we blow the rock chips and water out as we drill so we can see what we are drilling and where we hit water, from there we test the water and install the bore. Once completed we will calculate the flow and head for the right pump selection, we will supply you with a bore report to show a pump company in order to get the right pump for you, or alternatively, we can quote you a pump on the day and get it ordered to your address.